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  1. Plano Tray Box

    Burson Audio Conductor V2 Headphone Amp / Preamp

    Measurement Package Content Input impedance: 35 KOhms 1 x Conductor V2 Frequency response: ± 1 dB 0 - 56Khz 1 x Remote Control THD: <0.003% 1 x RCA C

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  2. Plano Tray Box

    Mr. Dj PP3500MP3+ Bass Amplifier Preamp

    Built in LCD Screen /Remote Control/FM Radio/ MP3/USB/SD Card Slot Controls and Microphone

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  3. Plano Tray Box

    Aguilar AG 5J-60 Bass Amplifier Preamp

    Modeled after a mid 60’s Jazz Bass pickup, the AG 5J-60 pickups bring the dynamic and sought-after tone of a 1963 Fender Jazz bass to today’s 5-st

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  4. Plano Tray Box

    Phil Jones Bass BigHead Mobile Headphone Bass Amp/Preamp/Audio Interface with D/A Converter

    The Phil Jones Bass BigHead is not big at all. In fact it is barely larger than an iPhone. The Big is about the sound. It functions first as an awesom

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  5. Plano Tray Box

    Peachtree Audio SONADAC Digital to Analog Converter/Preamp/Headphone Amplifier (High Gloss Black)

    The sonaDAC is three components in one: a reference quality Digital-to-Analog Converter, a balanced line-level preamplifier and a high-performance hea

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  6. Plano Tray Box

    Apple & AudioQuest Preferred Bundle: DragonFly Black v1.5 (USB Preamp, Headphone Amp & DAC) and Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter (CCK 3.0)

    At AudioQuest, we recommend iPhone users use the Apple Lightning-to-USB 3 Camera adaptor. A very small percentage of iPhone users have experienced a "

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  7. Plano Tray Box

    Apple Bundle for AudioQuest DragonFly Red USB DAC, Preamp, Headphone Amp and Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

    Disregard AudioQuest's previous recommendations for Apple's Lightning to-USB Camera Adaptor and 30-pin Camera Connection Kit (now discontinued), found

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  8. Plano Tray Box

    Kmise A4957 Guitar Amplifier Preamp

    Brand: Belcat Label: 7545TItem 100% like the picture shown4 band EQ W/LCD Tuner Input impendence: 2. 2ohmFrequence response: 20HZ-20KHZControl Range:

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  9. Plano Tray Box

    Kmise A4132 Guitar Amplifier Preamp

    100% new high quality and testing is fine Item 100% like the picture shown Bands: 5 Volume Bass: ± 12dBMidd: ± 12dBTreble: ± 12dBPres: ± 1

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  10. Plano Tray Box

    Peavey Super 7's 12AX7 Preamp Guitar Amplifier Tubes

    Comes with one Super 7's 12AX7 Preamp Guitar Amplifier Tube. High gain for warm and bright vintage sound. Trusted Peavey quality.

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  11. Plano Tray Box

    Peavey Rage 258 25W 2 Channel Electic Guitar Amplifier

    The basic building blocks of the TransTube® sound are the exclusive designs of the preamp and power amp. The preamp section tailors gain to meet the

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  12. Plano Tray Box

    Pyle-Pro P3201ATU 3000 Watts Hybrid Pre Amplifier with AM/FM Tuner/USB

    The Pyle Pro P3201ATU is the perfect solution if you are looking for a High-Fidelity Preamplifier and a Power Amplifier all in one. This Receiver/Prea

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  13. Plano Tray Box

    AudioQuest JitterBug Dual-function USB Line Conditioner + AudioQuest DragonTail USB 2.0 Extender + Audioquest- DRAGONFLY V1.2 USB DAC Bundle

    Save With This Bundle : - AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC Preamp Headphone Amplifier Version 1.2 USB DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp Even Smoother and More

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  14. Plano Tray Box

    Monoprice Stereo Tube Headphone Amp with 24-bit/96kHz USB DAC, Bluetooth, and Preamp Out - (116154)

    Enjoy the sound, style, and convenience of a headphone amplifier with Bluetooth, RCA, and USB inputs. This hybrid tube amp combines the warm, soothing

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  15. Plano Tray Box

    Emotiva BasX TA-100 stereo preamp/DAC/tuner with integrated amplifier

    The Emotiva BASX TA-100 combines the Features and capabilities of an audiophile quality stereo preamplifier, a high-performance FM tuner, and an audio

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  16. Plano Tray Box

    PYLE PP555 Ultra Compact Phono Turntable Pre-Amplifier with 9V Battery Compartment to Mini Phono Preamp

    Connect this Ultra Compact Phono Turntable Pre-Amplifier to your turntable and converts your phono signal to a line level signal - basically connects

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  17. Plano Tray Box


    BUGERA BV1001M Ultra-Compact 2,000-Watt Class-D Bass Amplifier with MOSFET Preamp, Compressor and DYNAMIZER Technology

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  18. Plano Tray Box

    Marshall Code 50 - 50-watt 1x12" Digital Combo Amp

    Fully programmable, CODE combines authentic modelling of classic and contemporary Marshall tones with professional quality FX. CODE preamp, power amp

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  19. Plano Tray Box

    Peavey BUTCHERHEAD Butcher 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head

    The Butcher is a two-channel amplifier with five 12AX7 preamp tubes and four EL34 power amp tubes. Both the Clean and Crunch channels feature independ

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  20. Plano Tray Box

    CALIFORNIA TONE RESEARCH SET5 Single End Tube Guitar Amplifier

    All tube guitar amplifier featuring 12AX7 preamp tube and EL84 power tube. Single end design for the purest tone. 5 Watts of pure class A power combin

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  21. Plano Tray Box

    Arcam: rPhono Phono Preamp

    The Arcam rSeries products are all about getting the best sound from any audio device. These products can be used with any audio system and are a bril

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  22. Plano Tray Box

    Pfantone PRE600 Phono Preamp

    This stereo/phono pre-amplifier allows you to replace a crystal or ceramic stereo cartridge with a better quality magnetic stereo cartridge while usin

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  23. Plano Tray Box

    Cambridge - Azur 651P MM/MC Preamp (Silver) by Cambridge Audio

    For true vinyl fans, a high performance phono pre-amplifier is a must-have to get the best performance from your music. Thankfully, Cambridge Audio ha

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  24. Plano Tray Box

    Rega - Fono Mini A2D MM Phono Preamp & USB A/D Converter

    Rega Fono Mini A2D: Transfer Your Vinyl to Your Computer for a Song MM Phono Preamp with a USB output, connects directly to your computer The Rega Fon

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  25. Plano Tray Box

    JZ Microphones, Flamingo Signal Processing JZ-TR Microphone Preamp

    JZ Track is 1U mono unit Pre-amplifier completed with De-Esser, Compressor / Limiter stage, 3-band EQ stage, output stage with metering. Complete solu

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  26. Plano Tray Box

    Micca OriGen G2 High Resolution USB DAC and Preamplifier - 24-Bit/192kHz PCM

    The Micca OriGen G2 USB audio DAC and preamplifier is a studio master grade digital audio playback device that supports high resolution PCM audio up t

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  27. Plano Tray Box

    Eden World Tour Direct Box Preamp Pedal USM-WTDI-U Amplifier Accessory

    Much more than a direct box, the WTDI is like bringing a little Eden preamp to every stage and studio gig. Always have one handy in your gigbag, case

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  28. Plano Tray Box

    Rocktron HUSH Super C Guitar Rack Noise Reduction

    Got noise? Get HUSH. It's that simple. Rocktron's world famous HUSH products have been used by professionals for nearly two decades to wipe out noise

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  29. Plano Tray Box

    Egnater VENGEANCE 120-Watt Two Channel Tube Head, 4 x 6L6 Power Tube, 6 x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes

    The Vengeance is a versatile 120 watt, 2 channel high-gain amp driven by four premium 6L6 power tubes and six hand-selected 12AX7 pre-amp tubes. Chann

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  30. Plano Tray Box

    Egnater ARMAGEDDON 120-Watt Three Channel Tube Head, ISP Decimator, Fully MIDI Capable, Reverb, 4 x 6L6 Power Tubes, 6 x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes

    The Armageddon is a 120 watt, 3 channel, fully MIDI capable, metal amp with the ISP Decimator built-in. Four premium 6L6 power tubes and six hand-sele

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  31. Plano Tray Box


    BEHRINGER V-TONE BASS DRIVER DI BDI21 Bass Amp Modeler/Direct Recording Preamp/DI Box Analog modeling bass preamp/stompbox with DI recording output Th

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  32. Plano Tray Box

    Peavey 6505+ 50th Anniversary Gold 120-Watt 2-Channel Tube Head

    Peavey's 50th anniversary celebration includes a nod to hard-rockers everywhere with the 6505+ 50th Anniversary Gold tube amp head. With six 12AX7 pre

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  33. Plano Tray Box

    Laney Nexus-FET 650 Watt Tube Hybrid Bass Head

    Designed to produce the ultimate in big bass tone, the NEXUS range of amplification represents 40 years of cuttting edge bass amp development. The NEX

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  34. Plano Tray Box

    Laney Nexus-Tube 400 Watt All Tube Bass Head

    Designed to produce the ultimate in big bass tone, the NEXUS range of amplification represents 40 years of cuttting edge bass amp development. The NEX

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  35. Plano Tray Box

    DROK NE5532 Preamp Volume Control Board 10 Times Pre-amp A51 Treble median Bass Low Noise OPA Digital Controller

    Feature: OP-amp chip: NE5532 Input Voltage: Dual AC 15V 10 times the preamplifier the treble, alto, bass, volume control. PCB Size:105x54mm Thickness:

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  36. Plano Tray Box

    Power Acoustik RZ1-3500D 3500W Class D Monoblock Amplifier

    The razor Series of amplifiers from Power Acoustik Pack huge amount of power into small chassis thanks to efficient full-range class d topology and sm

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