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  1. Plano Tray Box

    Focal 100 Rotary Slide Tray for slide Projector - - holds 2 X 2 slides - NEW

    Rotary slide tray for slide projector, holds 2x2 slides.

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  2. Plano Tray Box
  3. Plano Tray Box

    Hanimex Rotary Slide Tray for Slide Projectors 100 - 2X2 Kodak Wards Sears NIB

    Hanimex Rotary Slide Tray for Slide Projectors. Holds 100 - 2X2 slides. For Kodak, Wards, Sears and many others. NIB. Hanimex Manufacturing Co. Inc. N

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  4. Plano Tray Box

    (3 Pack) CAL CXP Projector Light Bulb 300 Watt T10 Lamp 4 Pin (G17q) Base 120 Volt - Slide Projection, Film & Video Projector

    (3 Pack) CAL Projector Light Bulb 300 Watt T10 Lamp 4 Pin (G17q) Base 120 Volt - Slide Projection Film Projector Video Projector

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  5. Plano Tray Box

    Kodak Ektapro Carousel 80 Slide Tray S-AV2000

    This 80-slide carousel tray fits any Kodak carousel slide projector. The 80 tray features wider slots than the standard 140 and is recommended for thi

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  6. Plano Tray Box

    Sears Rotary Slide Tray - Holds 100 Slides - For use with GAF, Anscomatic, Haminex 2400 Series, Keystone, Sawyers, Sears

    Sears Rotary Slide Tray Holds up to 100 2x2 in. slides Use with these projectors: Anscomatic - GAF - Hanimex 2400 series - Sawyer - Sears

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  7. Plano Tray Box

    FHS Lamp

    #FHS - 300 watt - 82 volt - MR13 - 2-Pin (GX5.3) Base - 3,300K - Slide , GE Incandescent Projector Light Bulb

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  8. Plano Tray Box

    Focal Rotary Slide Tray: Holds 100 2x2 Slides -- Black

    Fits Sawyers, Gaf, Ansco, Sears, Focal, Ward, Keystone, Minolta and and Nikkomat projectors.

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  9. Plano Tray Box

    Gepe 453701 Storage Box with Lid for 7 x 7 cm Slide Mounts (White)

    Gepe Slide Mount Storage Box holds 30 slide mounts (7x7cm). The Gepe group was established in Sweden in 1955 and the first products where slide change

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  10. Plano Tray Box

    FAVI 72-inch (16:9) Manual Projection Screen - US Version (Includes Warranty) - DIY Series (PD-HD-72)

    FAVI's manual pull down projector screens offer the perfect screen solution for home theater, business or classroom use. Slide-lock technology allows

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